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BVI - Binary visual editor

This editor for binary files was written by Gerhard Buergmann
and is distributed under the GPL (GNU Public License).

How to compile

	You need the curses (ncurses) library for cursor movement on your system.

	gunzip -c bvi-1.4.1.src.tar.gz | tar xvf -
	cd bvi-1.4.1
	make install

Looks like the curses implementation in Darwin is really limited.
You should install and use ncurses instead. You can download it from; install it and then use
	./configure --with-ncurses=/usr/local/ncurses-5.2

The Control-y key sequence suspends bvi and send it to the background.
To avoid this behaviour use:
	stty dsusp undef

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	subscription will be complete. 

PLEASE send any bug reports (and fixes), code for new features,
comments, questions, etc. (even flames) to:

Gerhard Buergmann
Vienna, Austria