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Marc Bevand, Damien Terrier, and Emmanuel Turquin, 2000-2002
Michael Terry 2003

  First of all, many thanks for your interest in Beaver. Beaver is an Early
AdVanced EditoR, for Linux and other Unices (and even Windows); in other words,
it's a text editor that is lightweight but full of features for programming,
from web authoring to C programming. It is based on the GTK+ toolkit, supports
tons of languages through config files (100% compatible with UltraEdit
'wordfile.txt' -- see for more informations) and offers
functions such as automatic indentation, correction and completion, or syntax
highlighting. It also has its own mini macro language.
Beaver is released under the GNU General Public License and has been started
as an end-of-year project for our second year at the french computing school
EPITA. Of course, any remark or advice (or even contribution) are the welcome!

Please see the file INSTALL for instructions on installation.

For the Unix Version
- A Unix-based operating system with X-Windows (oh, really?).
- A recent (stable) version of GTK correctly installed
  (Beaver has been compiled on our PCs using GTK 1.2.10 and 1.2.9, but
   older releases should work fine too).
For the Windows version
- The GTK .dlls for use, and Mingwin or Cygwin if you want to compile the
  sources (kinda tricky).


- Syntax highlighting        |   All theses features are
- Automatic indentation       \  configurable via a file
- Automatic completion        /  100% compatible with
- Automatic case-correction  |   UltraEdit wordfile.txt's
- Languages supported by the default wordfile.txt provided:
  C/C++, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, PHP and Bash
- You can choose your syntax highlighting mode
- Multiple documents management
- Preferences interface (you can also edit the config files, which are
			 intended to be very clear, if you want)
- Languages menus that can be created by users, through '.bl' files
- Recent documents menu
- Search & Replace capabilities
- A command line that works fine
- File informations window
- Read only mode
- Print function
- Popup Document list
- Menu accelerators that work
- Save window size
- Other configurable options: toolbar, document tabs, etc.
- A base converter
- A nice Color picker
- Lots of surprises

Simply send a mail to <>, containing the usual informations
and description.

See the AUTHORS file for contact information.

Once again, thank you for your interest in Beaver, we hope you enjoy using it.