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$Id: README,v 1.5 2007/01/07 16:24:05 tom Exp $

I extended the original vttest program (I've found no modifications) with
several new features listed in CHANGES

- Thomas E. Dickey <>


Updated address from 2007/1/2:

Per Lindberg
Norrhagsvägen 9A
18247 Enebyberg

The remainder of this file is the original README:
I split the source up into the three separate pieces it now is.
In doing this, I put lines like "int reading;" in a header file
that both C modules include.  If your Unix requires one of these
to be "extern int reading;" then you will have some editing to do.
Also note that this program uses FIONREAD, which must be implemented
differently in SystemV, etc., and check out the setjmp() call...
	/Rich $alz
Oh, yeah:  I also wrote the Makefile and manpage, such as they are.

This is a program to test the compatibility (or to demonstrate the
non-compatibility) of so-called "VT100-compatible" terminals. In
conformance of the good old hacker traditions, the only documentation
of this program is the source code itself. To understand it, you also
need a copy of the original VT100 manual from DEC.

Comments and bug reports: Since this is a release (via USENET) to the
whole world, a lot of people are going to have opinions and fresh
ideas about it. (What -- bugs in MY program? Aww...)  I can't deal
with everyone sending me a hacked version, but if you have found a
serious bug, or ported it to VMS, do tell me. I can't promise any new
version release, though. From this version on (1.7b) VTTEST will have
to live its own life without its father holding its hand.

My address is:

Network-mail address:    (mcvax,seismo)!enea!suadb!lindberg

Real-world-mail address: Per Lindberg
                         QZ, Stockholm University Computing Center
			 Box 27322
			 S - 102 54  Stockholm

The original version of this program is written for the Sargasso C
compiler for the DECsystem-10. Many thanks to all sales persons with
quote VT100-compatible unquote terminals, who prompted me to write
this program, and also to:

-- Bo Kleve, LIDAC, Linkoping University, Sweden
   for the portation to DECSYSTEM-20 with the Sargasso C compiler

-- Johan Widen, TTDS, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
   for the portation to various UNIX systems (incl. System III and Xenix)

-- Russ Herman, AES Data Inc., Missisauga, Ont. Canada
   for fixes and code for the VT102 test

Thanx also to JMR "Gremlin" at KTH, and Goran Wallberg at QZ
for suggestions, bug fixes, etc.

This program does not have support for all the different variations
of VT100, like VT125, VT131 nor the new VT200 series. Feel free to
add that yourself. Happy Hacking!