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# p11-kit

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p11-kit aims to solve problems with coordinating the use of [PKCS #11]
by different components or libraries living in the same process, by
providing a way to load and enumerate PKCS #11 modules, as well as a
standard configuration setup for installing PKCS #11 modules in such a
way that they're discoverable.

# Documentation

 * [Main site](
 * [Manual](

# Building

To build and install p11-kit, you can use the following commands:

$ meson setup _build
$ meson compile -C _build
$ meson test -C _build
# meson install -C _build

If you install it locally for testing purposes, you may want to
specify `-Dsystemd=disabled -Dbash_completion=disabled` at the
invocation of `meson _build`, to avoid installing files to the
system locations.

# Releases

Releases are made available via the [primary github site]( They are signed with OpenPGP key of one of the maintainers: [Daiki Ueno](, [Zoltan Fridrich](

[PKCS #11]: