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This is librsvg - A small library to render Scalable Vector Graphics
(SVG), associated with the GNOME Project.  It renders SVG files to
Cairo surfaces.  Cairo is the 2D, antialiased drawing library that
GNOME uses to draw things to the screen or to generate output for

Do you want to render non-animated SVGs to a Cairo surface with a
minimal API?  Librsvg may be adequate for you.


You are looking at the 2.40.x series in librsvg, which is implemented
in the C programming language.  This release series is no longer

As of December 2017, we are in the process of porting the internals of
librsvg from C to Rust.  The public Application Programming Interface
(API) and Application Binary Interface (ABI) of librsvg remain
identical in the Rust version:  it is a **drop-in replacement** for the
version you are looking at.

**We strongly recommend that you update to the new version of librsvg,
as it has security fixes, lots of bug fixes, and ongoing development.**

From the outside, the only difference is that librsvg is now much more
trustworthy when run against untrusted SVG files.

From the inside, the new codebase is just much nicer to work on!  If
you want to contribute to librsvg, please look at that version
instead.  You can find it at

There is a code of conduct for contributors to librsvg; please see the

Reporting bugs

Please report bugs at

If you want to report a rendering bug, or a missing SVG feature,
please provide an example SVG file as an attachment to your bug
report.  It really helps if you can minimize the SVG to only the
elements required to reproduce the bug or see the missing feature, but
it is not absolutely required.  Please be careful of publishing SVG
images that you don't want other people to see; the bug tracker is a
public resource and attachments are visible to everyone.


The maintainer of librsvg is Federico Mena Quintero
<>.  You can mail me for any other questions you
have about librsvg.