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libgsf -- The G Structured File Library
Jody Goldberg <>

   The project aims to provide an efficient extensible i/o abstraction for
dealing with different structured file formats.

   libgsf is licensed under the terms of the GNU LGPL included in the

To report libgsf bugs, please visit

This library has taken insight from

    - libole : Michael Meeks, Arturo Tena, and Frank Chiulli
	- which was based on
	    Laola : by Martin Schwartz
	    WINE : Marcus Meissner, Francis Beaudet, Sylvain St-Germain and
		    Thuy Nguyen
	    Caolan McNamara's work

    - POIFS : Marc Johnson

    - libole : Michael Meeks and Frank Chiulli figuring out quite a bit about
		how a vba stream is stored.
    - OpenOffice : For confirming many of Michael's hypothesis' and supplying
		insight into the project file structure.
    - Costin Raiu, Kaspersky Labs <>
	: For commenting that the dir stream had offsets too.  That way we can
	   avoid OpenOffice's trouble parsing pcode.

    - zlib : for doing all the heavy lifting, and suppling gzio.c as an

    autoconf	2.5x
    automake	1.7

    glib	>= 1.3.10
    zlib	>= 1.1.3
    libxml2	>= 2.4.16	(not really, but it is the first to be tested)

Mailing lists

   There is NO mailing list used to discuss libgsf specificly as yet.  For now
please use the gnumeric list. To subscribe send a mail to:
And in the body of the message write "subscribe"

An archive of the mailing lists is available in: