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-- $Id: README,v 1.3 2002/07/27 16:19:29 tom Exp $

This is a modified/enhanced version of Cdk.  The original README contents are
given below.

The intent of the modifications is to preserve nominal compatibility with the
original Cdk, while fixing bugs and design limitations.  Some macros such as
ObjOf() have been introduced to deal with these, which could be added to the
original for a side-by-side comparison.

This version of Cdk is found at

-- Thomas Dickey

Cdk Readme Guide
Copyright Mike Glover, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999

Cdk stands for 'Curses Development Kit' and it currently contains 21 ready
to use widgets which facilitate the speedy development of full screen
curses programs. This little project of mine started as a test to see how
compatible my Linux machine was to other UNIX breeds. While doing this I 
discovered Ncurses, and played with it. These widgets are the result of
over a years worth of playing. The current complement of widgets are:

Widget Type           Quick Description
Alphalist             Allows a user to select from a list of words, with
                      the ability to narrow the search list by typing in a
                      few characters of the desired word.
Buttonbox             This creates a multiple button widget. 
Calendar              Creates a little simple calendar widget.
Dialog                Prompts the user with a message, and the user
                      can pick an answer from the buttons provided.
Entry                 Allows the user to enter various types of information.
File Selector         A file selector built from Cdk base widgets. This
                      example shows how to create more complicated widgets
                      using the Cdk widget library.
Graph                 Draws a graph.
Histogram             Draws a histogram.
Item List             Creates a pop up field which allows the user to select
                      one of several choices in a small field. Very useful
                      for things like days of the week or month names.
Label                 Displays messages in a pop up box, or the label can be
                      considered part of the screen.
Marquee               Displays a message in a scrolling marquee.
Matrix                Creates a complex matrix with lots of options.
Menu                  Creates a pull-down menu interface.
Multiple Line Entry   A multiple line entry field. Very useful
                      for long fields. (like a description
Radio List            Creates a radio button list.
Scale                 Creates a numeric scale. Used for allowing a user to
                      pick a numeric value and restrict them to a range of 
Scrolling List        Creates a scrolling list/menu list.
Scrolling Window      Creates a scrolling log file viewer. Can add 
                      information into the window while its running. 
                      A good widget for displaying the progress of
                      something. (akin to a console window)
Selection List        Creates a multiple option selection list.
Slider                Akin to the scale widget, this widget provides a
                      visual slide bar to represent the numeric value.
Template              Creates a entry field with character sensitive 
                      positions. Used for pre-formatted fields like
                      dates and phone numbers.
Viewer                This is a file/information viewer. Very useful
                      when you need to display loads of information.

Each widget has the ability to display color, or other character attributes.
Cdk comes with a attribute/color format command set which allows a programmer
to add colors and characters attributes simply.

The code has been cleaned using both Purify(TM) and Sun's Testcenter(TM),
so it is as clean as a babies butt. :) Any leaks I have seen are in the curses
libraries; there is nothing I can do about that, sorry. There should be no
memory leaks within the code, it shouldn't core dump, and it shouldn't do 
anything unexpected. Unfortunately this probably is not the case. If you do 
see something like this tell me after you read the BUGS file.

This distribution has a full complement of manual pages, so any specifics to
the widgets will not be addressed in this read me. If you want to get right in
there, nroff the cdk.3 file in the man directory. It is the starting point
for all the manual pages.

There are some other files to look at if you want to get anywhere. They are:

INSTALL - This will show you how to build Cdk and install it on your system.
          If there are any personal modifications that you think may be
          needed, read this file. In fact read it regardless. :)

COPYING - The legal stuff to protect my butt and all of the hard work that I
          have put into this library.

EXPANDING - You feel creative enough to add a widget, here are my requirements
            that you have to follow to make the integration of a new widget

BUGS - What to do when you find a bug. It also lists all of the bugs found,
       who found them, who fixed them, and when they were fixed. If you think
       you have found a bug look at this file. If you do not think you have
       the most up to date version of Cdk, go get it and try to replicate the
       problem. Then look at the BUGS file again. If it is NOT there, then you
       can mail me notifying me of a possible bug. I will try my hardest to get
       back to you, but I have a pretty busy schedule so don't expect an instant
       reply. This file will also explain how I would like any bug fixes sent to

NOTES - Misc babblings of myself somewhat related to this distribution.

TODO - A list of things I plan to do in the future. (sleep)

CHANGES - A list of changes from one release to another.

If you want to get a hold of me mail me at one of the following:

The CDK Web page has several homes. They are: (official) (Sponsored by the nice folks at Datasoft)


PS: There is also a Perl5 extension of this library for you Perl5 fans.
    Look under any CPAN site under the directory CPAN/authors/id/GLOVER.