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Package Name Description
Em-1.0A clean fast flexible and free programming language
SDL_gui-0.10.3An arty GUI lib that runs on top of SDL
argtable-1.3Library for parsing command line arguments
cim-5.1A compiler for the Simula programming language
cstrings-2.1Quick and dirty C code internationalization tool
frink-2.2.2A tcl formatter and static tester
interpcom-2.4A programmers command interpreter library
mdk-1.2.10MIX Development Kit for MIXAL programs
mdk-1.2.7MIX Development Kit for MIXAL programs
mdk-1.2.9MIX Development Kit for MIXAL programs
mph-1.2A minimal hash function generator
mysql-5.1.39Open Source SQL database
mysql-5.1.73Open Source SQL database
trio-1.10A library of portable string functions