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HP-UX 11.X layout

Packages are installed into /usr/local (or, rarely, into /usr/local/<package> if there may be a potential incompatibility w.r.t. program dependencies) for HP-UX 11.X systems. The tree looks like this:

 /usr/local/adm                  - System admin scripts/config files
 /usr/local/bin                  - Binaries
 /usr/local/doc/prog             - Off-line "prog" docs
 /usr/local/etc                  - System admin scripts/config files
 /usr/local/include[/prog]       - Include files for "prog"
 /usr/local/lib/X11/app-defaults - X11 application defaults files
 /usr/local/lib[/prog]           - "prog" run-time files
 /usr/local/man                  - Man page tree (man1, man1.Z etc.)
 /usr/local/spool                - Queueing and spooling area
Note that this 11.X arrangement may lead to some difficulty managing directories full of flat files, but it appears to be the de facto way Open Source software is now installed on other systems (e.g. Linux).

Unless otherwise required by the package, all files and directories will be owned by either "root" or "bin" (both are standard users on HP-UX).

The only exceptions will be for files which need to be setuid'ed or setgid'ed by another standard HP-UX user or for files which need to be owned by a user created for the package.

Unless otherwise required executables and shared libraries will have mode 0755. Man pages, archive libraries, documentation, header files, and most other files should have mode 0644.