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Firstly, it's important to remember that we cannot guarantee the correct execution of PA-RISC binaries on an Itanium system. In particular, we know that "low-level" PA-RISC software such as tusc, lsof and gcc will not work. In those cases, you will have to build the package from source on your Itanium system if an Itanium binary package is not yet available.

On the assumption that a package's PA-RISC binaries will work on an Itanium system, you simply add "-x allow_incompatible=true" to the swinstall option to when installing a depot:

swinstall -x allow_incompatible=true -s /tmp/gzip-1.2.4-hppa-11.11.depot gzip
Note that we are "retro-compiling" all PA-RISC 11.X packages on the archive to be available on the Itanium 11.31 platform, so if you wait a short while longer, you may find the package you want becomes available as an Itanium 11.31 binary depot package.