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Each category directory has a DATABASE file, which contains some basic information about each package in the directory. All information for a package is prefixed with the package name and version. The informaton is contained in entries, each of which is prefixed by a key:

AUTHAuthor (when known) of the software
DATEInteger encoding of the date software was added to the archive
DEPSFlattened dependencies list (package version numbers optional)
DESCDescriptive text describing the software
EXTSOne entry for each distribution format available for the package
GIFSImages and their descriptions
HREFHTTP or FTP URL of the original location of the package
LICEOpen source license (abbreviated)
OWNSE-mail address of person/group that ported software
SIZESize in bytes of the package
TREEPackage installation tree (typically /usr/local)
UPDTInternal information about original URL status
ZZZZTerminator for this package

The DATABASE files are used by the archive administration scripts and programs.