Image handling library

It can load and save image files as well as render and manipulate them at high speed. It is a major rewrite of the Imlib 1.X series.

There are run-time dependencies that need to be installed first. Why not use depothelper to install them all in one go?

Run-time dependencies:
bzip2 freetype libpng zlib          
Build-time dependencies:
bzip2 freetype libpng make zlib        
Operating System Architecture Package Type Package Size Date Archived View Contents? Download
HP-UX 11i v3
(HP-UX 11.31)
64-bit Itanium 2Gzipped
Binary Depot
2.04 MB27 Sep 2023NoHTTP FTP
HP-UX -Tarred/Gzipped
Source Code
1.55 MB27 Sep 2023YesHTTP FTP